About Laborers Local 210


Originally chartered in 1903 from the International Hod Carriers and Building Laborers' Union, Local 210 provided the construction industry with Laborers to perform the hard work a growing Buffalo area needed. Hod carriers serviced the brick masons by stockpiling bricks and mortar. The hod was a tool made of wooden plank formed in the shape of a "V" attached to a pole which allowed bricks or mortar to be carried over one's shoulder.

Our Local has transformed from solely servicing brick masons to becoming a skilled trade whose members perform hazardous waste abatement, gas, water, and sewer pipe repair and installation, and road, bridge, and building construction. We provide the construction industry with trained professional people who get the job done on time and under budget.

We are the men and women that for nearly one hundred years have performed the hard, dirty, and dangerous work that has built our region. Our collective bargaining agreements coupled with our focus on training have helped our members earn family supporting pay, good benefits, and the ability to work and retire with dignity.